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Are Doctors Telling You That You Are Infertile?

You Can Have Children…
It's Your Birth right In Christ.

Learn How to Confess Your Heart To God So That You Can Turn Your Dream Of A Family Into A Reality…

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Veronica Anusionwu Author Of Woman You Are Not Infertile

Wouldn’t it be great to be able prove your doctors wrong and to start the family you have always wanted without medicines, surgery, or discouraging news? Discover the secrets to how you can finally have the family you want…and, more than that, learn why God actually wants to reward you with children. Get started on your path to blissful parenthood today.

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Here’s What Our Customers Say About Our Products

Dear Veronica,

My name is Mary Hanson my husband and I had been trying to conceive for 4 years. I somehow come upon you web page searching the Internet. In October 2013 I ordered and read your book “Woman, You Are Not Infertile”. I have been reading and standing on the promises of the Lord’s Word. I just found out I am pregnant with TWINS.

Veronica thank you for allowing God to use you in a mighty way. Your books opened my eyes to Gods love for me and also taught me how to pray effectively. Thank you so much and God bless you and your family”.

Mary Hanson

I was introduced to Pastor Veronica by one of her ministry team, at a very trying time in my life. I had just lost a baby and my fallopian tubes taken away also. When Funke told me about pastor I want to see her and she encouraged me and told me to trust God completely. I got some of the books and the anointed oil. When i started reading “woman you are not infertile “I could not drop it. I was amazed at Gods love and goodness through this book. I attended the faith clinic that month and it was at that meeting that God met me.

It was Pastor Veronicas birthday and we were all praying for her. As we prayed the power of God fell on Pastor and the anointing was so heavy. Pastor called every woman to come and join her and we surrounded her and began to pray with her. As she reached out she held my hand I just knew I will be pregnant. And that’s exactly how it happened. By the end of the following month I was pregnant.

I am expecting a baby boy in December 2013. What a mighty God we serve. The books and the faith clinic messages are good.
Get then and use them. God is indeed using Pastor Veronica to change the destiny of woman looking for the fruit of the womb.
God also used Pastors book, By faith I receive my God Given job to give my husband a job.

Mummy we love you and say thank you! You are a true mother in Israel. Accept our love and thanksgiving seed in Jesus name.

Mrs Ify Olatunji

Hello Pastor Veronica, My Name is Angela I ran across a book I bought from you called “Lord why miscarriages”. I brought the book in an eBook and downloaded from my computer and printed out and put it in a folder to read. Your book was the only book that I could find that dealt with my issues. I purchased the book over 6-8 years ago. Thank you so much for bringing me hope.
My testimony: I had 4-5 miscarriages. Before I received the promises from Gods Word in your book. I had a fibroid tumour the size of a golf ball. God completely healed me of the fibroid tumour. I was labelled as having an incompetent cervix meaning I could not hold the baby because my cervix wasn't strong enough. They told me I would have to get it stitched up. But God healed me of that too!! Now I have 3 more children since then. The last one being a son of which I had to believe God to manifest for me and he did! My God is Faithful. My husband and I now have 5 children. I have 5 girls and one boy!
Thank You Pastor Veronica for allowing the Lord Jesus to use you to help many woman believe it can happen for them. Now I too want to help woman believe it can happen for them!!

Angela Ewharekuko, USA

I walked out of the doctor’s office that faithful Thursday afternoon.
My heart was heavy. It was my 3rd failed IVF treatment. My heart was spinning. My world was caving in on me.
Little did I know that day will be my turning point. I came home and switched on the telly. There was Pastor Veronica sharing about these books she had written. Suddenly my hope revived. I picked up the phone and called her.

Luckily for me again the following Saturday was her faith clinic. She invited me to come down to the meeting. I went along with faith in my heart.

When I got there I bought her books, the old faith clinic messages and I soaked myself in God’s word. That was the end of infertility in my life. By my second visit to faith clinic I was pregnant. Today I am a happy mother of a beautiful baby girl. May God be glorified for ever more!

No matter where you have been –do not give up. God’s word still works. Buy the books and faith clinic messages. They are powerful. Listen to Pastor Veronica as she teaches you Gods word in a new light. Your faith will be lifted and you will break through like it did for me.

God bless you my fellow sisters in Christ. God will do it for you too. Amen!

Mrs Nma Nwokoro

I bought your E-Book, “Who said you are too old to conceive “about a year ago. I said your powerful declarations and tried to activate more faith. I thank you for your encouraging emails like this one. Today I found out that I am pregnant!! Wow. I was never thinking this day would come due to a diagnosis of Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome. All praises to God!!!!!!

Rhashida Mathis